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I have two DUE, where I got an error when uploading. I have uploaded max 500 programs to them, but in order to check, if the programmemory is defect, I would like to use another part of the memory for my program.
Is it possible to tel the uploader to use another part of the memory?
And if yes how!


Even though you're not asking for help with the upload error, it still might be useful to provide the error message for context:
I have a DUE, whitch until now worked well, but now I can't upload the SW to the board.
When trying to upload, it say:

Send auto-baud
No device found on COM10
Set binary mode
An error occurred while uploading the sketch


No, it's not possible.  But if you shared your error with someone who knows about these things then they might be able to tell you what went wrong and  you wouldn't could solve it by what it told you instead of some experiment. 
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I have posted the error here:

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if you use this web site and look up progmem you will find info for storing data  to eprom ,flash and sram on arduino there is a header file you include at the beginning of your sketch look under learning tab reference


OK, but my problem is not space in the RAM or PROGMEM, but to upload anything to the processor.


Your problem is that you were asked to provide the error and you instead linked to another thread.  So you're either breaking rules by having two threads on one topic or you have just posted the error somewhere else.  Most folks are coming by, seeing that, too lazy to copy and paste it since you didn't make it clickable, and they're moving on to another thread.  If you want help then it is a good idea to make things as easy as you can for the people you want help from. 

Post your error message here would be a good idea.
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Please do not PM with technical questions or comments.  Keep Arduino stuff out on the boards where it belongs.


No device found on COM10
Even if you could load the program into another memory area the IDE would need to be able to communicate with the board.

Does your PC have a COM10 ?
Can you see COM10 in the IDE ?
Does the port disappear if you unplug the Arduino and appear again when you plug it back in ?
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You ask for the error, and i feel, that I write the problem in the first 'comment'.
I started this thread because I think, that it is a new sublject.
I beg your pardon, but I don't know how to make a link clickable.

Yes to all question.

After all I think, that the Flash-memory is burned out, so I have to buy a new board or a new processor.


To make a link clickable, use url tags, or the button in the menu that looks like an infinity sign. Mouse over them, it's the one that says "insert a link".Ends up like this:

Use img tags to insert an image, or the "insert an image" button, here's my Standalone Programmer from SD card for example.
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