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We've sold over 200 rainbowduino since it was available. I guess there must be many interesting projects done by our customers. It will be so good if we can collect those projects and share it to everybody, that will makes this project really 'open source'.

I 've been thingking about to start a ' Rainbowduino project contest' these days.  Everybody who bought rainbowduino can post their project on our fourm, and you can vote for your favourate projects. The Best projects will get a really attractive prize,like RainbowduinoX9+8X8 led matrix X9, or something else.

Any suggestion from you will be appreciated.


Here's a very good example. I really love this project.



Great idea, I've been very busy since I recieved my Rainbow. I'm considering writing a little game :)


That sounds cool.  1 question: How many Rainbowduino you plan to use in your project?


Damn! That video is really cool!

And I have to say, this is awesome! Contests are a good way to get people interested not only in the Arduino, but your products as well!!

I hope you don't mind if I link this on Letsmakerobots.com  I know it's not exactly a robot, but Arduino related contests are always exciting!

Especially if there's a prize that robotic-fanatics would go crazy for, you'll get alot of great applications! :D

I need to order me a Rainbowduino to get started, I've been so worried about getting my RF links (from you guys, awesome pair) to transmit some information to my LCD debug station that I haven't even purchased any new toys.. that's SO not like me.

Do keep us updated! You should set up an official page on Seeedstudio.com so we can link to it directly :D


That sounds a gread idea to set up a offical site of rainbowduino! I guess i need to start doing this.


TeamMCS: Did you mean writing a game on rainbowduino or just for PC?


Hi CaptainObvious, I go visited http://Letsmakerobots.com. It looks like a great site. Is this site yours?


I wish the site was mine, I feel like it's partly mine, just from contributing! :D

Sites updated almost every day with another Robot somebodies made, and it's cool because everyone uses different boards, so you can get help from all spectrums!
And we've had a few company's run some contest on Letsmakerobots, but I think the coolest thing so far, is that one of the users got hired for a robotics company just by posting and helping people! They offered to fly him to China and give him a job, and he took it! He designed some "universal" brackets for sensors, including the Sharp Sensors, PING sensors and a few others, and now they're being sold on a website! :P
You have GOT to take a look, these are the coolest things ever! (And even better because they were designed by a user!)

Feel free to come visit the site, people are willing to give feed back with anything you may have. :) The site even has a cool spot for posting Components so users and browse them, and even purchase them!


I am thinking about the prize for Contest winners. Any suggestions?



I just spent like, an hour browsing your site.. trying to decide.. there's just.. so many things that would be good.. haha. So it's kind of hard to say! A gift certificate or in-store credit or something of the sorts wouldn't be a bad idea, offering some assortment!

Just too many choices! :D
I get paid in, omg like 5 days! Got to order me a rainbowduino so I can get in on this :D

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