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Well i'm quitting Dev'ing not just Arduino but Pic too, im 40yo now and tired of seeing bits of wire everywhere, up to now my tinkerings have been just that, just tinkering, nothing serious, it's been fun playing with the Arduino and certainly changed my opinion of something i didn't hold in very high regard to start with but my mind was soon changed, i am still continuing my development with Nintendo DS.

So anyway im thinking of offering up all my kit to my fellow Arduino users, i'd like to sell it all as one job lot but i think that might put it out of reach of some users, but then if i list it all seperately on ebay it'l go for pennies, besides i don't have the time or will to list it all seperate


OK, I'll bite....what are you offering and for how much? :)

The Aussie Shield: breakout all 28 pins to quick-connect terminals


Hello RuggedCircuits,

well im not out to make money but i cannot afford to give the stuff away
so what is there,
1x Duemilanove 328 (made in Italy)
1x Mega1280 (Clone)
1x WS1000 Ethernet Shield (Without SD)
1x Proto shield W/Mini Breadboard
1x Seeedstudio Solar charge Shield W/ 1000ma LiPo
1x Solar charge shield non funtioning W/ 1000ma Lipo
1x 2x16 LCD Shield
2x nRF24L01 2.4G Transcievers
2x nRF24L01 2.4G Transcievers Modded with Ext Antenna, 1 is mounted on a custom shield for 328 and 1 plugs into an adapter for mega1280
2x Spare 2.4G Antenna's
1x KS0108 128x64 GLCD connected to my own custom shield
1x 3.2" 240x320 Colour TFT with Touch screen and SD
1x custom PCB carrier board for the 3.2" TFT display to mount on mega1280
1x 4" Mono 320x240 Touch display 8bit bus with breadboard adapter
1x 4 channel custom pcb carrying 2x2 TTL mosfets with breadboard footprint
1x Wii Motion Plus 3 axis accelerometer wired to pin header for direct connect to 328
a load of leds, single, bi colour, big, small, RGB Strip
Passives including resistor, caps, through hole & SMD
SMD ULN2008's

Now the PIC stuff
P18F4550 USB Dev board with SD
PicKit2 programmer / debugger
Various PIC's, I2C memory, though hole and SMD

Various LCD's, 74 Logic & 40 Logic, xtals, stuff & more stuff
I know what i've payed for it all, i don't know what it's worth 2nd Hand,
Reasonable offers will be considered preferably for the lot but may split
Everything works unless stated (Solar charge shield)


where you based?
shipping might be an issue if there's a *&^)*&^ great ocean in the way! :)
there are only 10 types of people
them that understands binary
and them that doesn't


Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK


Oooohhh :) UK too

I got no idea what that's worth second hand either but I may be interested in some.


ok im going to take some photo's tomorow and post them for interested parties


Interested in the custom nRF24L01, the mega, and the 74's (just started with electronics, gathering some various stuff). My budget is €60 (+-£51 pounds), is that enough?

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