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Currently if you have the serial window open, when you start the boot load process the window closes.

Would be nice if it just closed the serial connection, maybe with a message about the boot load process, then automatically reconnected when the boot load process completes.

It should be very easy to just reopen the window, or even make it a user option to always open the monitor window after a boot load.
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I think that's a good idea, after all if you're using the monitor before a compile/upload then you almost certainly want to use it after.

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and it's surprisingly easy to start the monitor just too late!
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The suggestion / enhancment request to do a "Upload&open monitor" as a single button has been around for a long time.... cant find the one request I'm thinking of at the moment, but here is a similar one, and it is marked WontFix. Whether it is the window opening or the checkbox that is "wrong" is not clear.


and it's surprisingly easy to start the monitor just too late!

Too late for what? As opening the serial monitor causes a board reset which restarts the sketch, it's hard to be too late to miss anything the board might be sending?


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