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Thanks for that. Yes those two boards are fakes so their might be a quality issue here.

Can you do some tests for me as I have not got your system?
With only the long strip connected reduce the green value from 150 down to 8. Now disconnect the wire from your boost converter to the 5V line of the Micro and power it from the USB socket of your computer, does it show all green now?


Thank for your continued help Mike.

As suggested, I have:
- Disconnected the eyes strips
- Added a capacitor on the power to the LEDs strip
- Added a resistor on the Data cable
- Disconnected the power cables from the converter
- Changed the program for color: 0,8,0
- Power the system from USB

The color sequence is the same as before, at least for the 15 first LEDs (I haven't checked them further one by one).

We have done the same on my girlfriend's helmet, she as also a string of different colors. We use 2 different makes of the Mini Pro.

I'll be away from home for a week, but if you have more suggestions, I'll be happy to try more.


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We use 2 different makes of the Mini Pro.
Are any of these real or are they both ripoffs?

Do you have any other sorts of Arduino you can try?


They are both not original. I can't seem to find an original for sale online since it has been been discontinued.

I'm going to try to simplify further: reduce the length of the cable, maybe also the length of the strip.


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Well I set up a Pro Micro and ran your code in reply #14. This is what I got.

So I am not seeing the same issue as you.

If I have got this right then with two strips connected, a short one and a long one, both on the same pin. Are you getting all 11 of the short strip green but the first 11 ( at least ) of the long strip different colours? That seems to suggest you have a problem with the long LED strip rather than the code or timing.

I notice from the schematic of the Pro Mini that it could be fitted with a 8, 16 or 20 MHz crystal. What is fitted on yours, it should be marked on the top.


Sorry for the long silence, I was away from home.

I found what the issue is: it's one of the 2 kinds of LED that I purchased that creates it...
individual LEDs

I have replaced them by the other model (LED strip), and voila...

I though it was not the hardware because:
- Some from the strip also had wrong colors. I suppose the signal was polluted though the individual LEDs?
- When I swapped the 2 first individual LEDs, the wrong colors remained the same, according to their position, not to the LEDs itself.

Thank you very much for your help Mike!


Thank you very much for your help Mike!
Your very welcome, and thanks for the feedback to conclude this thread. Often people just leave things hanging, or just say it is solved without saying why.


I know this is an old post - But I wanted to seal it up so people knew what the problem was.  I am 99% sure you were using RGBW (note, the forth LED, WHITE).  That will then create a chain of issues since you need to send FOUR individual codes per LED.  It chains over to the next one in line, and goes forever. 

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