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Topic: Neopixel & Arduino Pro Nano 5V 16Mhz color Timing/fading problem (Read 2201 times) previous topic - next topic



My goodness, I need to clean my glasses.... I am using an Arduino Pro Mini not Nano


Double checked, verified... used a magnifying glass... *facepalm*...

I used a seperate 2A wall wart supply as well as a 9v battery and a USB to FTDI board so I don't think the voltage is insufficient or else both led's that ae supposed to be on at the same time would be dimmed red/green would it not? not one or the other?


Write a short test sketch that simply turns on all the neopixels to full brightness white. That should help confirm if we have a hardware or software problem.

Is the 2A power supply 5V? How are you connecting it to the Pro Micro?

Don't bother with the 9V battery. Useless for anything but smoke detectors.


The example sketches run the neopixel, all 16 led's bright white fantastically....

For test purposes I am just using the FTDI232 connector but have also connected a wallwart to GND and VCC Pin and both operate the same.

I think Grumpy_Mike is on to something in this line of code.

Code: [Select]

void ledFadeToBeat() {
  fadeRate -= 15;                         //  set LED fade value
  fadeRate = constrain(fadeRate, 0, 255); //  keep LED fade value from going into negative numbers!

  //find color mods
  int r, g, b;
  if (tCoh >= 6) {
    r = 1; g = 0; b = 0;
  else if (tCoh >= 3) {
    r = 0; g = 0; b = 1;
  else {
    r = 0; g = 1; b = 0;

  //fade first and last pixels to represent pulse
  strip.setPixelColor(0, strip.Color(fadeRate * r, fadeRate * g, fadeRate * b));
  strip.setPixelColor(11, strip.Color(fadeRate * r, fadeRate * g, fadeRate * b));

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