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Hi everyone,
I'm making an Arduino starter course, which contains videos of me explaining how to make basic projects.
I will be filming videos of explaining electronic concepts. I cannot decide on the format.
Do you guys prefer tutorials with me writing on paper or standing in front of a whiteboard?

Example of paper format:

Example of whiteboard format:

Which format do you believe is the best and why?


Your first video is too long (20 mins) and the second one would have liked me to watch an ad for 20 seconds. 5 secs is my time limit for ads.

How about creating a couple of 35 second videos to illustrate the difference you are talking about.

I like YouTube instructional videos when the subject is visual - for example how to make wood-working joints or how to sew  a zip fastener into a cushion cover. Or how to adjust a 3D printer.

However I like written tutorials for programming and electronics as it allows me to absorb the information at my own pace.

And, when I think about it, the actual amount of information provided in the woodworking etc videos is very small compared to the amount that needs to be conveyed in a programming or electronics tutorial.


Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


It depends on the subject matter.  How much are you going to be talking, as opposed to writing?

A lot of talking and very little writing -- White board.  We can see your face.

A lot of writing or drawing (please speed it up) -- paper.  We don't need to see your face.  We can get the concepts visually instead of audibly.

Frankly I prefer to learn from text and diagrams.  I can read so much faster than you can talk, it isn't even funny.  But there are a lot of people (especially young whippersnappers these days) who prefer to watch people talk.  If you provide both formats, we can choose our preference.

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