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Hello everyone.

My name is Ferib, and i am new to this forum.
I have been using Arduino for the past few months and started struggling with USB-C and Arduino.

The last few weeks i have been working on a RFID Phone Case.
Just to show off my idea, i made a amateuristic video about it, as you can see here:


My goal is to get rid of RFID Hotel Key cards or Sport Club cards.
So i don't have to carry all those cards with me.. Most people carry their phone with them every day so it might be a good idea to somehow merge the phone with the cards.

So i started drawing a phone case... the first result was bad and thick.
The only reason to make it that thick was for adding electronic components into it.

After a few more prototypes i finally made a "good" looking on, i haven't printed it yet...
Here s a picture of the final result:

This looks like a regular phone case, but the bottom is just a bit longer with some micro controllers placed in it.
I have been using:
- Attiny85 (Micro chip used for Arduino)
- 100ยต capacitor
- L293D (Motor driver for the copper coil)
- Copper Wire
- USB-C male head

Seems like all those stuff fits inside the bottom part of the case.
But here comes the issue.. i am using the USB-C to power the system.
But will it also be possible to transfer data to the chip?
So i can, lets say make a little Android app and store all my hotel key cards in it?
I am pretty sure i can store a few cards in the chip itself, but its a pain in the ass to reprogram the chip everytime i get a new key card.

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