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Is it possible to tell if a stepper motor has 'reached the end of the track' and is no longer turning whatever it was turning, thus giving you the ability to turn off power to it?


You could either keep track of the motors position in software or use a sensor to give positional information (more reliable as the software could lose track).


sounds like you need a limit switch.


If you are cleaver you can measure the current in the windings and when it hits the end stop the current pulses will be bigger, however, it is a bit of a messy circuit depending on if you have a unipolar or bipolar motor.

I would go with a switch either mechanical, optical or magnet and reed relay or magnet and hall sensor.


What about a servo. (continuous rotation)  It probably can't tell me if it's quit rotating, either.  I'm thinking of going the servo route.  If I give the command for my servo to make 2 revolutions and then detach the servo after a delay, and it only goes 1 1/2 revolutions, will this be a problem?  ...I mean, it won't hurt the servo

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