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I don't remember, it was a pic18F2550, I buffered 32 bytes at a time to the PC and the PC saved all the bytes, when the recording was done the PC converted it to a WAV file.
The PIC only streamed the audio to the PC.
I wroted code in C Builder to write the buffer to a file and then used a WAVE Module by Timothy J. Weber. to conver it to a wav file,

I did the project in 2007 You will have to goolge for the module.

Hope that helps



That chip has a USB 2.0 full speed interface on it, is that how you were able to transfer so much memory so quickly?
Remember the arduino only has a serial port.


Hi Grumpy_Mike

I used the CDC Class (128000 // baud rate) and not the full USB on the PIC, Because I used a serial driver on the PC It looked to difficuled to use full USB and I did not have a lot of time to complete the project.

I was just trying to contribute to the form.

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Thank you very much Luan, I really appreciate it.

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Guys I havent read everything here, but this is more than possible. Using an AVR I stream straight out of a pwm pin 8KHz wav files stored on an sd card. It was reading the data into a buffer, while sending the values of a second buffer full of wav file to pwm0. Worked like a charm


Do you have the code for this? On how you captured the voice.
Thanks :)

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