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Guys,I have a unknown module of a friend's.It has a potentiometer attached to a chip(Picture attached),which is a bluetooth module.I can able to pair with that module but i cant get any data when i turn the potentiometer.the chip's pin diagram can be seen here:https://fccid.io/2ABN2-RFBMS02/Users-Manual/User-manual-2276579
the chip :https://fccid.io/2ABN2-RFBMS02/External-Photos/External-photos-2276571.iframe
picture of my module is attached.I just want to serially connect with the chip and when I turn the potentiometer,it should return some numeric value like the one i connect through arduino.


How do you know the friend did not kill the device?



no no my friend wants me to work on that device,we work for projects together. :-D


Hey brother,
I am also using the same BLE but i am not able to detect it on my smart phone, Can you please tell me the connection in need to do so?

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