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Thats normal, it's because it allows web data to access your hardware.
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McAfee is and has been seen to cause issues with Arduinos on more than one occasion.

It is a "false positive" and your best option is to whitelist the web app and its associated folders.
Be also aware that whilst EDGE browser is supported in all my tests I have usually found it slower that Chrome or Firefox when used with Create.

Unless I have specific reason to use it for looking at a problem I avoid it.

During the install you will get at least two pop ups (possible third) and you must  say YES to those as they are for components that need to be installed for security and functional purposes.

It may not be the answer you were looking for but its the one I am giving based on either experience, educated guess, google or the fact that you gave nothing to go with in the first place so I used my wonky crystal ball.

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