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I am trying to build an HVAC remote control. But I also want to make it universal. I also came to know that the IR protocol in ACs these days, are not like the IR protocols of TV or DVD remotes, rather on each keypress, the entire state information is passed on. So, the normal IR libraries would not work.

I came across a tutorial on how to decode a HITACHI AC remote. But I want the codes of all leading AC brands. There are a large number of universal AC remotes available in the market at pretty cheap prices. They claim to contain the remote codes of many leading brands.So, extracting the codes should not be that difficult. How can I get my hands on these codes? Do I have to buy a universal remote? How do I proceed after buying one?


I am still eagerly waiting for some help! Plz do not disappoint me!


Are you developing a commercial product? IF so, why do you expect free consultation work?



No, not for commercial purposes. And I am slightly surprised by the reply!!

I only want to have a look at the differences in the remote codes for different brands. I plan to build a universal remote controller for efficient control of all different brands of ACs in our community centre. As my project's primary aim is to efficiently control the AC, I do not want to go through the hassles of trying to decode remote IR codes of evry possible brand on AnalysIR.

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