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HI All,

I'm trying to embark on a project on how to read data from a diagnostic port from my motorcycle, as being able to do this opens up a whole host of possibilities with the bike.

It might be a little optimistic for me but I'm looking to learn a lot in the process.

My bike is a Honda CBR1000RR from 2005 (2004 generation), which uses a special Honda diagnostic port and not OBD.

I've managed to find a couple of examples of OBD, but would like to adapt this to Hondas protocols.

So far I've managed to find out the following channels are transmitted to the port:

ECU_2 HDS_TPS_V //Throttle position sensor voltage
ECU_3 HDS_TPS //Throttle position sensor
ECU_4 HDS_ECT //Engine coolant temperature
ECU_5 HDS_IAT //Intake air temperature
ECU_6 HDS_MAP //Manifold air pressure
ECU_7 HDS_BATT //Battery supply
ECU_8 HDS_SPD //Speed
ECU_9 HDS_IGN_ANG //Ignition angle
ECU_10 HDS_INJ_Tms //Injection time
ECU_11 HDS_unk //Unknown channel

How would one even start to looking into code on how to do this?

Any help on how to start is very much appreciated.


I'm working on the same thing but Suzuki, I imagine that the first you need to do is a hardware interface

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