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I made a ZIF Socket shield for those Arduino UNO boards with the Atmega328P-PU (DIP 28). When the ship is removed from the Arduino board, the shield can be used as an "external" socket for the UNO board, for example to mass program sketches to Atmega328P chips without having an programming device available.

There is a notch in the PCB to make the LEDs on the UNO board visible.

CANADUINO ZIF socket shield for Arduino UNO

I would like to get some feedback. Any comments, ideas, criticism?

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Looks good. If it's just for programming, you don't really need female headers, do you? Just male pins sticking down would be sufficient.
One more 0.1uF cap on AVCC would have been good too. I notice the other Canaduino boards are light on power supply pin caps as well.
AVCC is connected to +5, yes?
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