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We know that when we use the <EEPROM.h> library and use EEPROM.write(address,data) to write a 8-bit data, it takes almost about 5ms(milliseconds) time to write the 8-bit data to the address. But when we want to store 16-bit data (int) we need two addresses so we use the EEPROM.put(beginning_address,data) to store the data. How much time it takes to write that 16-bit data into two addresses of the internal EEPROM?


If you've managed to time a single write, how much extra effort would it be for you to time two writes?


Does ATmega328P allow page (4 bytes)/partial page (<4 bytes) writing in one GO for its internal EEPROM? I am not very sure! The In-system Programming Instruction set does not say anything on this issue; but, it says about flash.

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