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So we have been up and running for a while now.
Entered the MAME community, gaming community and modding community.

You may or not remember the Sparky Jr threads in the old forums.
Here is the link http://sparky.32teeth.org/

We have improved our configurator (written in processing) to accomodate a Serial Port selector.
see the video here:

All that being said, we are releasing the PWM version of this board later this month.

The PWM version is built for novice modders (no soldering required) as you see the headers all have 3.5mm screw terminals as an option,
or if you still wanna solder, we left the standard headers there as well. The PWM will be available with and without screw terminals

in appreciation to those with a current install of the Sparky Jr. Here is a tutorial on how to convert your current Sparky Jr into a Sparky Jr PWM

thanks again all for the support.


I still dont get the point of this device..


As a short explanation. The are large community of MAMe cabinet builders who look for RGB LED controllers for their setups. It's a standalone controller for those within that community and the arcade fight game community


Configurator Running


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