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What is the maximum voltage and current that I can input into an analog pin on an Arduino Uno? The Uno website says:
- Input Voltage (recommended): 7-12V
- DC Current per I/O Pin: 40 mA

Is this correct?



7-12V is the maximum input voltage you can apply to the external DC input power jack.

The analog input pin voltage is limited to 0V-5V. Anything outside that range will damage your microcontroller.

And to clarify, you do not "input" current into a pin. The pin decides how much current to draw in response to an applied voltage. If your applied voltage is in the range 0V-5V then the amount of current that will flow into the pin is very close to 0. Just make sure you configure the analog pin as an input, and not an output.

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If you are using the pin as an output , make sure to use an appropriate current limit resistor to avoid sinking more than 40mA (absolue maximum) when driving an output low, or sourcing more than 40mA when driving an output high.
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Thanks for the clarification guys! I just have one more question, when defining the analog pins as input in the pinMode function, am i referring the the analog pins as A0, A1.... ie:

pinMode(A1, INPUT)



If you are only using the analogue inputs as analogue inputs then simple don't do anything it gets set automatically. If you are using them as a digital input or output then use pin number 14 for A0, 15 for A1 and so on.

The 5V input limit only applies to an arduino that is powered from 5V, lower voltage arduinos like those that run from 3.3v then that is the limit. This applies to not only analogue pins but also to digital pins.


Hello all,
One more clarification please. I am building a 10 step resistive divider across the Uno 5v and gnd. Is it safe to apply the "5v" end of the string directly to the analog pin for a 'analogRead()'? If not, what size resistor would be suggested for a limiting resistor (resistor # 11)? The Uno is powered by the USB input.


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If it ain't broke, fix it 'til it is!


Yes, for a 5V Arduino such as an Uno, 5V applied to any pin is safe.
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Thanks Morgan. Now I don't have to worry about filling the shop with smoke. :smiley-mr-green:
If it ain't broke, fix it 'til it is!


If you have to measure "something" that is 5volt, use a resistor between that source and the input pin (4k7).
Just in case the Arduino is off, and the other device is on.
That limits fault current to 1mA.
Not needed ofcourse if the 5volt comes from the Arduino itself.


Great question. I'm adding an Mega to a project that monitors the state of 18 TTL 5V logic ports and note a current draw when the Mega is off.  I've been considering adding currently limiting resistor would this be advisable when connecting an Arduino to a Logic circuit even if it is 5V powered?


You should not connect any input voltage to an un-powered anything. It causes parasitic powering and can lead to latch up. It is a great way to destroy electronics. A series resistor while cutting down the current does not change much. The real solution, apart from don't do it, is to use transistors to interface into your system.


Great question. I'm adding an Mega to a project that monitors the state of 18 TTL 5V logic ports and note a current draw when the Mega is off.
So - don't turn it off!  That should be a "given".

(Use 47k series resistors for monitoring logic circuits.)


Great question. I'm adding an Mega to a project that monitors the state of 18 TTL 5V logic ports and note a current draw when the Mega is off.
You can't have anything connected to the analog pins if you are going to turn it off. It will backfeed and power the entire mega through the analog pin because the Mega is off. I already tested this with an Uno.

If you have to power off the mega you need a relay to disconnect any analog inputs.

FYI, when the Mega is ON, the analog inputs draw 1.6 nA. If you turn the Mega OFF , it will draw whatever necessary to power the entire mega. In short, as stated. DON'T TURN IT OFF.


I am using Arduino UNO , by mistake A0 analog pin is got connected with 15V AC for few seconds , then my laptop got off , I disconnected everything. But now my Arduino Uno is not shown in the Port , but it is connected with my laptop and the power Led in Arduino is ON , how to solve this problem?

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