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Hi. I have the idea of a project in my mind, but I'm not totallu sure how to start it.

So, I want to create a car that is remotely-controlled (wirelessly), that does the basics: drives forward & backward, and turns left & right!

I'm not sure for all the equipments needed,but my plan is:
- Tx & Rx modules
- 2 Arduino Uno boards (for each Tx & Rx)
- Actuators to make the rotation and the turning of the wheels left/right
-Some pushbuttons for the controller

So, 1 Arduino will be the Controller (Pushbuttons + Tx).
The other Arduno will be the Robot (Actuators + Rx).
Both will be battery-powered.

Any other hint from anyone which has some experience & knowledge?


It's been done before so try Googling "arduino rc car" or "arduino rc robot". Plenty of examples using bluetooth or other radio modules.



I know, but i want to buy & attach the parts myself.
I need help with the car parts only: how to make the steering (how to turn left / right), what type of servos...


Have you actually looked at any Google links? Many of the people on them did that too. But if you really want to start from nothing:

So what design decisions have you made so far? How big, so how much power needed? What's the mechanical design e.g how many wheels are you driving? Steering by differential speed on the driving wheels or more conventional steering by turning the front wheels with servo/s (the mechanical linkages can be tricky, particularly if you're also driving those wheels)? If you can show us a drawing of what you're proposing that might help.

BTW we generally use geared motors to drive the wheels NOT servos. Servos might be used for steering.

On the electronics side, what type of radio will you use? Bluetooth, nRF24s, wifi, something else? How will you power everything? Motors and servos usually need a fair amount of power so not all batteries/power supplies will do.



What, exactly, will the Arduino contribute to your project? Hitting Radio Shack or any hobby store, and buying an RC car (or kit, and putting it together) sounds more like what you want to do.


Paul, thnx for the most easy-minde answer... -,-
I dont even understand it: if ur not willing to help, why comment bullshits...anyway, no more words from now on.

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