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Hi, this project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9Ct1aHvXZ8&t=33s is very interesting but developer not release from many months the sketch.
Can someone write it?



for free?
I dont know, if you dont want for free you can do your offer.


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Do you have clear and complete requirements of what need to be programmed?

these are no requirements but just what I thought to see (going quickly through the tube)
  • START STOP switch - from Arduino
  • POTMETER controlled FAN
  • + - buttons to control temperature
  • Edit button for temperature / time
  • Temperature sensor - type LM35
  • I2C display to show temperature
  • Countdown clock
  • ...

This should take max 3 days including testing

Can you elaborate the requirements?
What type of temp sensor is used?
Do you have the schematic?

PM me if you want discuss further.

SCHEMATIC @13:20 in the tube

The potmeter and fan are not controlled by the Arduino (only on/off, not RPM)
which is a pity as it would allow for more control
Rob Tillaart

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