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Ref the hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide, these are getting trickier to get in the UK thanks to them being used for less useful things than PCBs - in a recent terrorist attack, the bomb-maker had been round a lot of hair-dressers buying up the high strength peroxide and I understand that HCl gets used for cocaine purification.

Yeah, I was disappointed to find you can't get Sulphuric acid anywhere on the high street any more...

However, eBay has plenty of chemical suppliers willing to post both 40% H2O2 and 30-odd% HCl right to your door, same with concentrated H2SO4 should you want that for any reason. And if you'd prefer not to use eBay, there's chemical wholesalers too, although I don't know if they'd need any kind of paperwork before they'll sell you the fun stuff?


I do have to do a treasure-hunt sometimes to find stuff I have no idea where to look like the sufuric acid, I found when I went to the battery supply store, and talked to the owner.  He explained it's how they made batteries before they were sealed, when a customer bought a battery it was dry - and he had to fill them with the jugs of acid.  He had so many left over he didn't know what to do with, so he filled some of my glass jugs for free, after I explained I needed it to try and anodize aluminum at home.

They teach chemistry at college and schools, and they buy their chemicals from somewhere.  Just like the welding tanks with gasses, we have to sometimes fill out a form or show identification for me to buy 6 foot tank of nitrogen, if I want to make my whipped cream treats at a food festival (or something else).

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