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The included demo program tv_data_collection looked like exactly what I was hoping to do with the Video Game Shield, but as you may know, the original just plots out a simple equation.  My version adds the functionality of plotting data from the analog pins, and allows you to cycle through the inputs by pressing a button (connected to digital in 2 by default).  This is a great way to test your inputs and ranges, and visualize things without needing a computer.  It's been very useful for testing potentiometers and piezo elements.


In the process, I ended up restructuring the whole thing, removing some individual functions and placing them in the main loop... mainly to format it in a way that I understand more easily, being a programming novice.  I also removed several of the places that added frame delays or cleared the screen, which reduced flicker.  If I remove the final remaining TV_clear.screen(), the flicker goes away completely, but pixels will stay white once drawn.  I'm sure this can be easily fixed, just haven't looked into it yet.

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