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Hey peoples :)

So, recently i bought a (toy) vehicle that has 6 DC-Motors to drive the 6 wheels. The nominal motor data is 12V and 350mA. Now I want to drive every motor in cw and ccw and vary the speed. (Maybe later I'll find out that I don't need to control every single motor individually.) I'll use an Arduino Uno but also got a Mega just in case.

My question is now what would be the best way to control those motors with the simplest buildup? I found that i could use H-Bridges or 2-way-relais or to use 2 battery-packs to get +12V and -12V where i only have to switch the source with a transistor. So there are a few ways I could do this, but I didnt find yet a satisfying solution for multiple motors...

Or does anyone of you know a good source for electronic circuits - a reference work to find and compare different ways to control electronic components?

So thanks a lot for any suggestions and tips :)


If you want to control the speed and direction with an Arduino then I think the simplest way is to use h-bridge motor driver modules. Many of them can drive 2 separate motors so you would only need 3 of them. The Pololu website has several products. Other suppliers do similar items.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.

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