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Hello all.  I'm looking to hire some help in building a simple IoT application.
For someone with the right skills it shouldnt take much longer than two days.

I'd like to hire someone for two purposes, 1) to help build my prototype and 2) so that I can learn as you we go.

I'd like to develop a weight sensor that communicates every 60 seconds to Losant (www.lostant.com) and displays the weight in a simple web dashboard.  The weight will decrease over time until a new unit to be measured is swapped in.  I'd like to be able to power the unit by battery and for it to last at least a year by going into sleep mode between payloads. Check out this blog about ultra low power microcontrollers.

No need for external display or any other GPIO, just the load cells and Wifi, although MAYBE an RFID reader to sense the serial number of the item whose weight were sensing over time.

Need someone who is familiar with:
Load cells
Digital scales
The smallest form Arduinos
Wifi connectivity
MQTT protocol
Losant (losant.com) or other IoT backends
RFID (possibly)

Also considering the Pi Zero W (wifi built in and only $5!).  But figured I'd start here looking for help.



Where did you get your two day estimate from?

Two full days of engineering time around these parts (Upper Midwest) is roughly $2,400. What's your budget?

Personally, I think you're looking at more than 16 hours of work, but that's just me. There are a lot of unstated assumptions in what you're asking that could make it a 5 hour task or a 50 hour task depending on how things go.
Electronics and firmware/software design and assistance. No project too small

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