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I have a small board that uses the ATTINY85-20SU controller.

My project was held up for some months and in the meantime, my dev has taken on a full-time gig and is no longer available.

All I will need is for the SW to be compiled and some boards programmed.

He was programming them using a UNO/SLA and said that is the best approach going forward.

I have functioning boards now and the final hardware rev is already on CH.

I am just fine-tuning some aspects of the SW and doing some final field testing.

Then I need the existing beta boards reprogrammed with the final SW.

Once I confirm the SW is working as expected, I might need a final run of the boards (about 10) programmed since CH is now only programming boards if ordered in +200 units.

If you would be available for this type of project, please reply and we can discuss direct.

As I am filing a patent on the product this requires an NDA.



(I am in the SF Bay area)


Patents notwithstanding you will have to explain more about this project. 98% done has little meaning in programming - that can be a lot of work, especially for someone new to the project (even though as it's an ATtiny it can't be that big).

But first of all the programming part: I suppose this means you want someone local to you that's physically present?
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Sorry for the dead line but I was pre-occupied.

I have been working through the changes I need to make to my SW and I now have that sorted out.

So, to be clear on what it is that I need

-  I have some SW that has been tested and is working fine

-  I just need to make some changes to the config file to alter the colors and timings on sequences of colors/blinks that an RGB LED makes to tell my user what he needs to know.

-  I should have been more clear that the programming that I need done is not in the SW but in programming the controller on the board *with* that SW.

So I need the SW and associated files re-compiled and then the boards programmed.

Because I might need to revamp the colors/timings yet again, my preference is to work with someone in the Bay Area to minimize the logistics and perhaps also develop a longer term relationship.

If you are in the Bay Area and would like to discuss my needs further please use a PM.



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