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Just a reminder to some who might not know or practice esd precautions, it's the season in the northern climates for static electricity.

 With the single digit high temps around me, relative humidity is down under 20 percent. Yes, it might be amusing to zap the cat, but discharging into a circuit board or microchip can destroy components.

Grounding oneself before grabbing pcb's and components is a good practice to get into. It can also prevent having to figure out why something stopped working, even though it was brand new and just working.
It's not a hobby if you're not having fun doing it. Step back and breathe



Good point!  A good place to touch first on an Arduino is the metal shell of the USB connector.
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For static problems, you can also spray carpets (especially new ones) with a mixture of fabric softener and water.

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That won't help with the asthma and sinus issues... what you really need is a humidifier. Most forced air furnaces have them, but they need periodic maintenance to work properly.
  ... with a transistor and a large sum of money to spend ...
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I'm currently using a woodburner to heat my house, which I try doing over the weekends to keep the LPG bill down. I normally set a pan of water on top and let it boil down, then add more.

I try to use " family friendly" language, but when I'm getting 1/2-3/4" arcs zapping me, I slip. The dog hates me now, and the cat just hides
It's not a hobby if you're not having fun doing it. Step back and breathe

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