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We're launching the Omniversity, housed at the Manchester Digital Laboratory. The MadLab has been one of the country's most successful hack and creative digital culture spaces, attracting thousands of visitors to the region and bringing in national and international talent to lead free workshops and events. Every evening is double-booked with free community-driven events around open platforms and professional development. Building off the back of this success, and the huge network we've built, we're offering the Omniversity - an expert-lead series of training programmes, designed to be affordable and lead by industry veterans and in-the-trenches professionals, rather than full-time tutors. We'll be teaching people platforms from the near-future, without the cost overheads that more formalised training providers impose.

This brings us nicely to the course of the Internet of Things...

The Arduino boards have become the de facto choice for physical computing projects and, with the addition of an Ethernet shield, make an excellent platform on which to explore the Internet of Things.

Want your letterbox to email you whenever the postman has been? Need a clock to show you where your loved ones are? Or a glowing multi-coloured ambient orb to show your energy usage? This course will get you started on the road to realising your own Internet-connected projects.

To find out more & book onto the course please see here > http://omniversity.madlab.org.uk/booking/?regevent_action=register&event_id=5&name_of_event=Building+the+Internet+of+Things+-+Arduino+and+Ethernet

Hope to see you soon!



Just following up: The course is on Friday, 25th February 2011 and costs £132.00 - included in this is an Ethernet shield, selection of components, wires and cables. All you'll need on the day is your laptop and and Arduino Uno or Duemilanove. Lunch and hardcopy course materials are also included.

The course is lead by Adrian McEwan, creator of the http://bubblino.com/ family. 


Hey there,

I was waiting for this to show up here.  8) Too bad I ain't living in the UK.  =( If I was, I'd be around. I'm waiting for a workshop like that too be organized in Amsterdam...
Keep up the good work MatLab. Having gained a bit of "Arduino-knowledge" and knowing your place, I bet it's going to be an awesome workshop.


(Jealous of all participants)

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