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Hi guys,
my Name is Andreas Hofer and I am a student of a school for higher technical education in Austria.

As you know, a student earns less money. So, for me it is often difficult to finance bigger Arduino Projects. Therefore, I produce little wooden Arduino cases since a few weeks. My friends and other customers love my cases because of their great quality.

Currently the cases consist of parts from 4mm plywood and 3d printed parts. At this time, I produce only cases for the Arduino UNO Rev. 3, but other types of Arduino boards should not be a problem. It is also possible to laser engrave some logo or text on the case. Depending on the model and extra wish the case will cost around 15-20€ (plus. shipping costs (3€ in Austria, 6€ in Germany and 11€ worldwide shipping)). This price consists the material costs and 3-4 working hours. The production time is normally (max.) 1 week.

If you have a question or want to buy one use the "comment" function or write a mail: andreas.hofer13@gmail.com.

Best Regards

Hofer Andreas


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Nice work!

Maybe add light pipes for LEDs

"Re: Handmade"  ;)

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Look very nice. And unfinished, they are ESD safe!


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