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Life is hard, and then you die  ]:)

At the moment I am fighting a problem with the Processing language, the Arduino and the Serial library in both ends. That is not the point of this thread, it is the expletive deleted impossibility to search for a hint using these keywords! The words Processing and Serial aren't exactly high selectivity! :0 Neither here, at Processing's forums or Google ....  =(

Off for a beer ...  :smiley-roll:


I know your pain. Every time I want to search a question about Processing, millions of results are returned at that are not Processing language related. Guess Casey Reas and Ben Fry never expected their project got so big. I'm glad the arduino folks got hold of their bar's unique name.

What kind of problem do you have? Maybe posting some code?
Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter



Code is irrelevant. Actually, yes, this time it is. Of course, it will hurt when I am proved wrong.

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