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Good day,

I am presently working on a project based on an Arduino devise and I have a few questions on the matter. I need to send data to a web server from a GSM network coverage area ( with no internet coverage). I therefore think of using an Arduino board coupled with a GSM Shield V2 from Arduino to send the data to a phone number. My question is the following : Is it possible to receive an SMS directly on a web server ? If need be, If not conclusive, I will need to place a second Arduino in both a GSM network coverage area and an area with internet service provided to receive the data from the first Arduino through a GSM Shield V2 in order to send the data to a web server through an ethernet shield : Is this seriously possible ? What chip/devise/board do I need to make this work ? Is it possible to board on a single Arduino, both a GSM shield and a Ethernet Shield ?


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