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Hi guys,

Once a prototype has been created, ie a Bluetooth & Rfid reader added and the code finished. Are there companies that will produce a once circuit board ?

Or is life not that simple ?


The question isn't completely clear but no matter how it's interpreted the answer is yes.

The way to do this on the cheap is to create a PCB design based on your prototype's circuit. There are a few different free programs to do this. The most popular completely free and open source option is KiCAD. The other popular option is Eagle, which has a free version. It's a bit of work to learn how to use the software but once you do that you can send the design files to a PCB manufacturer (there are lots of different ones) and have even small runs of boards (>=10) made for an amazingly low price, especially if the PCB is not very big. They're mostly in China so you have the choice of waiting for slow shipping or paying extra for fast shipping.

Note that Chinese New Year is coming up, which introduces some significant delays in any business dealings with China.

If you don't want to design the PCB yourself you'll need to pay someone to do that work and I'd expect the people with those skills don't work cheap. The upside is they're probably more likely to get it right the first try. The downside (other than cost) is you miss out on learning how to design a PCB.

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