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Hello everyone I have an Arduino Duelminove and a MicroSD Module from libelium.
I have just tried to write in a USD Card by using the SD_uFAT code from http://blushingboy.net/p/SDuFAT/ but I have a problem, I can only save the data if I have the
Arduino IDE?s Serial Monitor open.
Has you see bellow I want to continuous write in the uSD Card when I power supply the sensor board without using the Arduino IDE?s Serial Monitor
Can you help me?

Tanks in Advance.

#include "SDuFAT.h"

// define the pin that powers up the SD card
#define MEM_PW 8

// help string to be sent to the serial port
#define HELP "H help\nL file info\nD delete\nP append string\nW init file and write\nR dump to serial\nA append text\n"

void setup()
  // on my MicroSD Module the power comes from a digital pin
  // I activate it at all times
  pinMode(MEM_PW, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(MEM_PW, HIGH);
  // configure the serial port to command the card and read data


void loop()

    SD.print("hola.txt","hola caracola\n");
    Serial.print("Esta Aberta: \n");


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