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Hi Everyone!

I am new to the forums and am currently trying to make a simple project which
utilizes RFID readers and tags to turn on and off LEDs.

Basically, I want to attach an RFID reader and an arduino board to the side of a
doggy door, which will read passive tags somewhere on the dogs' collars. Each tag
that is read should turn on its corresponding LED, indicating whether or not the
dog is outside.

My current issue is not being able to find any affordable RFID readers which can
supply a read range of 1-2 ft. I researched the topic and found that 13.56 mhz
should be the ideal frequency for my needs, but I have found many different
125 hz and 13.56 mhz readers with vastly varying read ranges, most of which
are below 1 ft and the majority around 80 cm.

This is my first time dealing with this technology, so I am not the most knowledge-
able person on the subject.

Thank you!


The inexpensive ones (like this one) can do 2cm

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