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(If i do say so myself. (And i do!))

I decided to build a 3x3x3 cube as a first project but knew from the start I wanted to do it right. Most I have seen were just breadboards or protoboards with wires exposed. I wanted to make mine look finished. Last night I finally finished what I started back in September. It's got a few bugs, like it takes a few seconds to change pattern when pressing the button but that can be fixed later. No code right now, it's at home.

I'll let the pictures and video speak for themselves.

First I got a working breadboard version


Once that was done I bought a box, a power switch and a button and got to work.




Nice work biocow. The project turned out pretty sharp looking. Was it tough coming up with the code for the different patterns?
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Not at all. I stole it off the net. :P

Just kidding. It was posted in someone else's write-up. I'm a programmer (LAMP) by trade and I mostly wanted to do this project for the physical learning of soldering, planning out a board and putting it all into a nice package. I can always go back and do my own custom program.

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