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Normal uploading mode should be pull down reset first then transfer rx tx data but the current situation is my tx transfer first then reset pull down the signal caused uploading fail.
Anyone encountered this problem? Is 16u2 firmware or hardware problems cause it be error? programming code is a general blink example

I have add my 16u2 schematic on


None of that has anything to do with the compiler. I think you're talking about uploading, which only starts after a successful compilation is complete.


Yes it's uploading .sorry for that


Somewhere on www I have seen somthing about a condencer in the reset between 16u2 and the SAM3X8E. If the condenser is too little, the reset will bee unstable. It is a problem on some board from China.
But I don't remember the site om www.


My memory is bad: it was a resistor, the R23. Sometimes it is a 10k resistor, it has to be 1k.

You can find the DUE schematic here: https://www.arduino.cc/en/uploads/.../arduino-Due-schematic.pdf


Any help appreciated. I mean, any.



Good for you..

Could you please share with others the way you fixed this problem ?
Thank you.  ;)

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