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One of the more credible Chinese manufacturers seems to have reduced the Arduino Nano to a board with components mounted on only one side of the board (which would normally cause a significant reduction in manufacturing costs, although it's hard to tell with China.)   It uses a new (?) CH340 chip that doesn't need a crystal and comes in a 10pin SSOP package.  And it is cheaper...

Baite Electronics Nano Compatible.

I'm pretty significantly impressed.  While "we" have been chasing boards with increased performance and capabilities, "they" have been pushing down the costs of the older technology (way past the original "copy and sell for cheap" stage.)


I like that the combined shipping actually works on that listing in that when you increase quantity the total per board goes down. Often on Aliexpress I see these listings where if you buy over a certain small quantity they charge a bunch extra for shipping. I'm guessing this is because they are shipping it as a sample but it's really annoying to have to go through the cumbersome Aliexpress checkout process a bunch of times buying the same item over and over again to avoid paying extra.

I wonder if that voltage regulator interferes with an ICSP header. I have Pro Minis where the reset button does that but it's only the corner of the header you have to shave off. I'm surprised they haven't done away with the reset button yet. I don't think most people ever use them now that the boards have auto-reset.

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