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Hi Ardumates,


I'm using tinyavr programmer ( TinyAvr ) for a while but today when i try to upload my code to attiny45 with avrdude i got these messages as you can see at the pictures. I know i can still upload my codes but code timing between chips is really important to me. Is any of you encounter such a problem like this or know how to fix it?


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Jan 19, 2018, 10:20 pm Last Edit: Jan 20, 2018, 07:52 am by ron_sutherland
My guess is a problem with libusb, I was not able to get avrdude to work with my libusb based ISP tools when I had Atmel Studio installed, and I suspect other USB drivers can cause problems as well. I don't have these problems on Linux, all the ISP tools I have worked fine there. I guess it is just that I can not put Atmel Studio on Linux.

I use the ArduinoISP sketch (that is in examples) for most things now. I load it into an Uno and then use that as the ISP tool. It works when both Atmel Studio and Arduino IDE are installed. At this time I am doing most of my work with the AVR toolchain from Linux, and the Uno with the ArduinoISP sketch is still my goto ISP tool.


Thank you ron,
Whenever i use libusb at another computer, it worked as it should be and i'm not getting this kinda error all the time.


"It's getting worse". Progress increase %1 for every 1.4 sec. It took 2 min to upload code.


It works perfect now by adding -B1 to avrdude command line

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