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I also want to see the serial monitor open automatically when I load a sketch to the Arduino.


Use a serial monitor that allows you to connect to / disonnect from the serial port. Disconnect, upload, reconnect. Serial monitor stays open all the time, and has far more functionality than the Arduino IDE one.


The reason the serial monitor disappears is probably because it's easier to close an application than make that application relinquish control of the com port to which it is attached, which has to happen to upload another sketch.


There are two options here: Currently, when the Serial Monitor is running and you click 'Upload,' it closes, and stays closed. This is annoying, as my sketch obviously required it to be open. Having it either a) stay open and just clear the window like it does when you select any baud rate (including the one you're already using or b) reopen once the sketch has been uploaded gets my vote as a no-brainer. The other option is to have it open automatically no matter what, per the user preference. That one doesn't make quite as much sense to me.


This is annoying, as my sketch obviously required it to be open.

Why? Just so that you can see the output is not a sufficient reason. There is no reason for having to have the Serial Monitor application running to make the Arduino perform correctly.

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