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What is the max the max amperage the arduino mini 5V pro used? I want to put a Polyswitch before the supply od the arduino in order to protect it.


USB interfaces normally have a 500mA Polyswitch as part of the design. If you want to be safe... use a value less than that.  You need to keep in mind what your peripherals draw,  the AVR chip itself is very low on power consumption (like well below 1mA).


(like well below 1mA)

The data sheet says:-
12mA when running at 8MHz and 3.5mA when running at 4MHz
There is also the USB / serial bridge chip, so that pushes it up to 20mA.

This however is way too low for a poly fuse. Those things are very slow to blow and only protect the supply from short circuits, they won't protect the arduino from things like drawing too much current from a pin, putting 12V into the voltage reference pin or trying to power the chip with greater than 5V. All of which are common beginner mistakes.


The 5V Mini Pro is 16MHz so it'll take more like 25mA.  What is the fuse to protect against?
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