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I am a bit confused now, that is a lot of code to do so little. I can't find any pin definition. What value is your pull down resistors?
Is it wired up just like the last post? You must have something wrong. Any chance of a photo?


That code makes my Arduino work with JunXion... Don't know why it is so big. Doesn't the pin definitions begin at row 40?

I will hook you up with a picture in a minute!


hm... I think I lied to you...

Correct fact:

When button is released: The LED is dimmed
When button is pushed: The LED gets brigther

BUT. When I connect it like this. JunXion doesn't get any signals...

BUT. When I remove the 5V from the other connection (not the 5v from pull down). It DOES get signals..

Don't know why though.


Got any suggestion on what I have done wrong?

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