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does anyone know of people getting together (like a conference or any sort of group) that touches basis on modern technology and the arduino?

something like a car club, but instead it would be like an arduino/ DIY/ Tech club lol
Omar Alvarez


I would really be interested in this.  I am a total newbie to the arduino and micro controllers, but I am an asp.net developer.


I'm also interested in this. If there's not already a group in the LA area, I wouldn't mind helping to start one up.


I am interested as well.

RC Fisher


Just started this could be fun I live in the la area well up in the Palmdale lancaster area.


I like to join too, live in Mission Viejo (orange county)


I have a Diecamilia and Live in LA near Hollywood. We should all just pick a place and start talking.   ;)



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I am also interested in joining an LA-area group. We are a small start-up based in Pasadena, and can offer a workshop-type space for Sunday (?) meetings once a month if anyone can travel to Pasadena. But also happy to meet someplace else if people prefer. Can anyone meet June 19th or 26th ?


Hey y'all, I'm in tarzana. Let's all meet up sometime soon. I'm sure one of the bars or pubs in the area would be willing to host us. We can try something in North Hollywood or Maybe Northridge.

Let's get together.



Machine Project is having a set of classes coming up in LA, but as I'm in central OC (Orange County), that's too much of a hike for me.


I would be interested in just about anything in OC though.



What day would you guys prefer to meet up though? Friday nights? Saturdays? Sundays? It would be nice to share projects and ideas, and would definitely make learning a whole lot faster :)


Im keeping my eye on this thread. If it is on a day I'm free i'll be there.

I vote for tuesday or thursday evening start 6-7 ish.


everyone post what cities they live in and what schedules work best.. so we know where and when to plan a meet up.. I live in the Irvine area. We should probably have a short agenda for the meeting so we know what level everyone is and the most common difficulties and common project interests and stuff.

Next thurs works for me (8/11/11). Anyone else interested?


Tue or Thursday sounds good. I'm in for the 11th. Anyone else?



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Interested as well.

I have absolutely no experience with programing of any sorts. I'm a visual learner that is not getting very far with reading the Arduino Cookbook.  :(

Looking for a group with a lot of patience for a beginners constant questions. :)

Im trying to build 16 relay sequencer that the speed is controlled by a pot and only runs when a push button is held down and holds last position when button is released. Also has a reset button that returns it to a standby LED  before Relay #1.


Im in the SGV area.

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