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... start up a hacker space ...

FYI, There is a hacker space in Culver City. I haven't yet visited them, but they seem like a pretty active group.

Crash Space
10526 Venice Blvd, Culver City CA 90232


I visited Crash Space on the night they hosted an open house. I would go their every day except for the fact that it is that I don't drive (I find it odd as I am 19 years old) and they are located 15 miles away. I also have yet to visit Null Space Labs (http://032.la in Downtown LA. Until I have my license I have been buying in bulk at All Electronics in Van Nuys and working out of my garage. Also recently went to Hackaday Live (http://hackaday.com/2014/01/27/recap-hackadays-first-live-event/). Was anybody else on the forum there?
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Just FYI:

The LA Arduino Enthusiasts Meetup group meets once a month (usually) in Santa Monica, the next meeting is actually tomorrow, Thursday October 30th, 2014.
For more info please see http://www.meetup.com/LA-Arduino/

I am actually one of those giving a talk tomorrow night...  ;)



Anyone interested in joining our google little box challenge team located in socal. We are developing a SIC or GAN device switching architecture to make a small effecient inverter package. We have 5 unique ideas to start that will help us win the million dollars.

Most importantly we are going to give the prize money away to a non profit in Haiti for the development of a wind and solar power plant.

Who's in?


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Hi Guys, my name is Rick Smith, I am a new convert to the Arduino World, and I would like to Thank You for making such amazing Technology available to the average Joe. We are organizing an Arduino Day Event here at my 23 acre Event Space and Film Ranch, in the Southern California, Mojave Desert area, during Arduino Day Celebration. I recently established a permanent, "Makerspace - Mojave" Community, as well.

You are Cordially Invited to Attend as a Guest, Artist, Speaker, Worker, Volunteer or, you are welcome to participate however you choose.... 

Looking Forward to an Epic Event...

your bestest pal,
Rick Smith
RRR Ranch
Mojave Desert Film and Event Space Rental

FYI: Here is the Event Notice...

"Arduino Day - Mojave" Event Notice #1

The "RRR Ranch" and "Makerspace - Mojave" Invite you to the First Annual "Arduino Day - Mojave" Event, March 27, 28 and 29. This will be a 3-Day Camping and Interactive Tech Festival Event, at our 23 acre Site.  It doesn't matter whether you are an Expert or a Newbie, an Engineer, a Designer, a Crafter or a Maker, Arduino Day is open to anyone who wants to celebrate Arduino, and all the things that have been done (or can be done!) with it. Admission is Free for the entire Event (does not include Parking, Paintball, Food or Drinks). Come hang out for the Weekend, and enjoy learning everything you ever wanted to know about Arduino...

The RRR Ranch is located in the Mojave Desert, near the the City of Mojave, home of the Mojave Spaceport. We are a small Desert Film and Event Rental Space, for small Eclectic Festivals, Events, Music Videos, Indy Film and Photo Shoots.

The Makerspace - Mojave's first Monthly Meeting will be held during the Festival, please come join us, and Support us with a Membership Pledge.

Currently on Site we have..
Hiking, Biking, Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, Horseshoes, Darts, a Paintball Field, Risa Beach Club, an outdoor Movie Theater on Kona Beach, a "Paper Book" Library, 18' Sports Bar Dome serving Beer on Tap and Well Drinks, several remote Host Bars, including the 602 Bar (with a ice cold Keg on Tap), dotting the 20+ acre property, "Mon Frere's" Cajun Soul Food Stand on Kona Beach, serving delicious Food from Early Morning Breakfast to Late Night Cajun Catfish and 'taters. Plenty of Parking and Camping Space.

Coming Soon:
The Fusion Jazz Club at the Pyramid, the Paintball Field Upgrade, the "Atomic Cafe" a late night, early morning Coffee Shop, a new 30' Sports Bar Dome, (3)  30' Dome Lecture Rooms, Kid's Jumbo Swing Set and Climbing Dome to Olympic Beach.

Site Location:
13144 Munsey Road, Cantil, California, 93519 (Google Map)

Admission Tickets: - Free
Parking and Porto Fee - $5
Dates: - March 27, 28 and 29 2015

"Arduino Day - Mojave"
Arduino Day - Mojave, a quirkier, fun filled, technology driven, unconference Conference is about to Happen...

Open to the Public and fully Participant powered, "Arduino Day - Mojave" features a wild mix of Arduino User Groups, Makerspaces, Hackerspaces, Fablabs, Associations, Teachers, Pros, Newbies, Technologists, Scientists, Artists, and those with a Passion for Open Source, DYI Technology, set in the freewheeling backdrop of an Eclectic, Artist Desert Eco-Resort, with Beaches but no Ocean. Balmy Desert nights and days, to debate the finite comparisons of the Arduino to the Raspberry Pi, or discuss how Nano-Hybrid Thermo-resistors are better than Light-detecting Quadrupeds, and can help save the World, there is no more Magical Place than this...


The "Daily Speaker" Event will take place at the Main Stage, and the "Daily Panel" will take place daily, at the 350-500 seat Auditorium, the Stage will be at the Pyramid. Located right off Speedway Blvd.

Daily Speaker: TBD
"Daily Panel" Friday Mar 27- "DYI Arduino"
Various Scientist, Writers, Filmmakers, and Tradesmen discuss the current View of the Future, and What it may look like.

Daily Speaker: TBD
"Daily Panel" SaturdayMar 28 - "The 5 States of Arduino"
What will be the Hot Markets, Jobs, and Materials in the Booming Private and Government Arduino Industry, Panel includes, TBD, and more

Daily Speaker: TBD
"Daily Panel" Sunday March 29 - "Arduino Mighty Girls"
An in-depth look at the Roles, and Future of the "Renaissance Women" in the Arduino World, in Tech Industry and Beyond.
Panel includes, TBD, and more

Arduino Day - Mojave

Makerspace - Mojave

RRR Ranch


Arduino Day

Don't Just Attend, bring a Friend, or a Group of Friends. I look forward to seeing you there...

Please Share... Thx...

your bestest pal,
Rick Smith
RRR Ranch
Mojave Desert Film and Event Space Rental


Redondo Beach here. born and raised in redondo but lived in miami for 11 years but had serious difficulty finding anyone into electronics stuff out there so returning back to redondo. Just saying hi and wondering who's out here.


Name's Miggs, from Reseda, CA. Would love to meet up with others and do a meet up like mentioned in the first page of this thread.

I think many of us are scattered throughout the socal area, would be very interesting to think of a way we can all meet like on some type of Oovoo / FaceTime type of thing or maybe do snaps on snapchat to communicated directly from our own home labs.

I also frequent the All Electronics store like some have mentioned here. I don't drive at the moment as I'm restoring my high school dream car, an 80s RX-7, it's an 87 RX-7 Turbo II. I got into Initial D back then and fell in love with it hahaha

Hope to meet like minds here and maybe even make some friends.


Huntington Beach, I'm 73 and just ventured into the world of Arduino. I know nothing. Total newbie. Watching videos, reading, buying starter kit. Need help. Have no idea what I will be able to do with this once I learn it. So, I'm looking for someone to learn it with me.



I just saw this, and will be watching what happens with groups in the SoCal area.

I'm East of most of you, out in the San Bernardino / Riverside area, and am hoping that I can make it out to a meet sometime soon.
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