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I've done a bit of googling, everyone seems to want to play the R2D2 type beeps and such with a WAV file. Seems like they're basic enough, you should be able to do it with just the tone command. Anyone ever try? Got some frequencies and durations, or a demo sketch? It just seems to me that robots are supposed to make that sound, so I'd like my robot to do so.. ;)


I suspect R2D2 has quite a few harmonics and un-square wave like noises in his 'voice'. The tone command just produces a harsh sterile noise of a given frequency.  It isn't even a sine wave which would give a much more agreeable sound.  Theres probably a reason every body plays .wav files....  :)

WilliamK Govinda

Indeed, just get a wav recording and output via PWM PCM instead. You can get good audio at 32khz by using the 8-bit timer, or even 21khz by my latest tests, also using a single 16-bit timer. (check my posts) Even unfiltered it sounds good.


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