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Hello. I need help for the project I am working on. I need a code to connect the lcd i2c screen with bluetooth hc06 to display the temperature and humidity received from the transmitter which consists of dht22 and hc05. Please help me because I need to complete my graduation project.


You'd better have this moved to the project guidance section, and post the code you have with explanation of what works, what doesn't work, and what it should do. Maybe also add your circuit diagrams, always helpful.
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This is the appropriate forum section if zualfikar wants to pay for this code (which of course poses ethical issues for a graduation project). Someone making a thread in the Project Guidance section will generally be expected to actually be willing to make some effort, rather than expecting the project to be done for them. Since zualfikar just did a copy/paste to the Project Guidance section instead of requesting the thread be moved and adding the information we would require to assist, that doesn't appear to be the case.


I need a code to connect the lcd i2c screen with bluetooth hc06
Code does NOT replace wires, despite wishful thinking on your part.
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