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I cannot compile for Arduino Due:
- The Due is connected via USB programming port to the Win7 PC with Arduino IDE 1.8.4.
- In the Tools menu "Arduino Due (Programming Port)" is selected.
- The Serial Monitor window is open, i.e. the correct serial port is selected.
- The board package, version 1.6.9, is installed. Here is a funny situation: with version 1.6.9 installed I
   get the info that version 1.6.10 is available. After installing 1.6.10 I get the message that an update is
   available. But when I look to the updatable version, only 1.6.9 is offered. So I stay with 1.6.9.

Compilation ends with the error message
Code: [Select]
Board arduino_due_x_dbg (platform sam, package arduino) is unknown

Error compiling for board Arduino Due (Programming Port).

This is my first trial to compile for Due with IDE 1.8.4. With the old version 1.6.12 (or was it 1.7.12?) compiling for Due was possible.

What is wrong, what can I do?

have success


The "Board ... is unknown" error occurs when a Boards Manager installation of a different version of a hardware package fails to completely uninstall the previous version. Here's how you solve it:
  • Click the link on the line following File > Preferences > More preferences can be edited directly in the file. This will open the Arduino15 (or similar name depending on OS) folder.
  • Navigate to the packages/arduino/hardware/sam folder.
  • You will see two folders. One is named by the version of the package you currently have installed, the other is named by the version of the package you previously had installed. Delete the folder with the previous version name. Please be very careful when deleting things on your computer. When in doubt back up!

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