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Hey there,

I'm very interested in the SigFox network. The MKRFOX is a simple way to access. After registration I get 2-year free subscription to Sigfox network. And after the 2 years ? What I have to do to use the network ? I saw on the website of SigFox that you can buy packages for 10 devices for 1 year. But it would cost 220€ including tax.
Does anybody has experiences in ?



I use Sigfox for commercial work but otherwise LoraWAN which is free
The Things Network


LoraWAn is not available in LOTS of countries. And where it is, local coverage is dependent on where anyone is willing to place a gateway in your area. I use Sigfox where I have coverage (mostly 95% in my country) and LoRA with my own gateway to GSM or sigfox where needed.


Hi Edugimeno

I also want to start experimenting with LoraWan, I would like to know what kind of gateway could be made to my case together with MKRWAN1300?
Thank you


If you don't have a local LorawAN gateway there is The Things Gateway

or you can build a single channel gateway - note that some single channel gateways cannot downlink which is required for OTAA protocol

 The are a range of devices from the Things Uno, 32u4 Lora, Arduino Lora shield, etc


I also want to start experimenting with LoraWan, I would like to know what kind of gateway could be made to my case together with MKRWAN1300?
Thank you
Antonio it all depends on the approach you want.

LoRaWAN is an specific implementation where you use LoRA to connect it to a concrete network (The Things Network), either by using a local antenna you find around, or by placing your own gateway, but following at all levels, their specifications for protocol, usage, etc...

LoRa, just like plain LoRa, is one step below, is a method to communicate by radio one node with another (where one of them could be a gateway to another network).

If you want to attach your gateway to TheThingsNetwork, you need to stick to LoRaWan standards, by all means, and for instance you can't just design your own simple (like those $15 LoRa gateways google will find for you) gateway. You need to comply with their requirements for 8 channels, for instance. Those cheap GW only do 1 channel, so they are compatible but not compliant.

In my case, I built my own gateway, but not linked to TheThingsNetwork, so I can do my own protocol over LoRa.
I particularly, instead of a MKRWAN1300 bought a Heltec or TTGO board ($25 on Amazon right now), which aside from being cheaper than the MKR board, also brings a ESP (Wifi) chip, and a builting 0.96" Oled screen. WIth a simple program you can design, you specify how your received LoRa packets and routed to internet thru Wifi.

In my case I receive a LoRa packet containing Lat and Long from my car, usually parked in my city area but never in the same place, and this packet is forwarded to Thingspeak so it stored the coordinates and I get a direct link to find where I parked my car.

Hope this helps you


Hi there,

After the 2 years prototyping phase, you can
- Either re-subscribe at sigfox for 18.55€/device/year excl vat (185.5€ for 10 devices, actually).
- Either develop a "industrial" platform with a sigfox partner, and certify it. For a large amount of devices, that can reduce costs by 2 or 3 the subscription, and by 10 the device cost.

About LoRa
- You can create your own network for free (just buy a transmitter)
- You can subscribe to an operator who offer LoRa network, but the "prototype phase" is not as easy as the sigfox way, and you probably have to go directly to an "industrial" product.


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