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I am creating a light show for an art exhibition at my school and have an arduino uno connected to a relay board controlling 5 led light tubes
I plan on coordinating the light show with sounds I have recorded and I am unsure how I could start the lightshow at the same time as I start the music. Is there any way the arduino could make my computer playback the file? Otherwise I would have to press play at the same time as I start the lightshow on the arduino which could easily lead to unsynchronized sound.

Thanks already beforehand


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I've found that it's easier to use a Raspberry pi for projects involving sounds because it has built in audio suppport.

For Arduino, you could purchase an MP3 player board, or have it listen for a command from the computer over the serial port. Computer would send it a command to activate the LED and then play the music itself. I can't think of example sketches that do this, but it's not that hard to figure out.
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