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Hi there!
I am in confusion. Need your help.
I have worked with Arduino Uno for 2 months now and for my final year project i wanted to do image processing with something controlling according to image so

I wanted to know
1.  CAN EXISTING SHIELDS WITH arduino uno WORK WITH arduino due ?

2.  Will existing libraries support DUE ??

3.  Will there be a problem using older shields with arduino due (like ultrasonic sensor shield etc) cause i know due runs with 3.3 v I/O pins ...

AND i want to attack shields right on top of board. I don't want to use a level shifter as interface for shields or buck converters on breadboard

Please reply ASAP!!



I don't want to know names of shields on other websites !!! Please read carefully and answer !!!



  • It depends on the shield. It is not compatible with any shield that will expose the Due's IO pins to 5 V. Some shields don't output to IO pins at all. Some shields shift their levels according to the voltage on the IOREF pin. Some shields have IO output levels that are at 3.3 V or less.
  • It depends on the library. The Arduino SAM Boards hardware package that you install to add support for the Due to the Arduino IDE comes with SAM specific versions of some of the official Arduino libraries that are hardware specific. Some libraries don't contain any hardware specific code and so can be used with any board. Some hardware specific libraries have been specifically written to support the SAM architecture. There are a significant number of hardware specific libraries that are not compatible with the Due. The Arduino AVR Boards such as your Uno have been around the longest and they are the most popular so you will find that most Arduino libraries are compatible with AVR. The SAMD and ESP8266 boards have been very popular recently and so there are quite a few libraries for them. People liked the Due but it never was anywhere near as popular as the AVR boards and then Arduino discontinued it.
  • See #1.


Thanku for answer >>> but now i have another question >>

 :o Arduino discontinued DUE ????

for real

?? in what perspective ?!!

Any link related to this that might enlighten me ? :smiley-confuse:


Here's a thread with some information:
So at least 2 years ago the Due was taken out of production. When Arduino split into arduino.cc and arduino.org .org put some old products back onto the market. Around the time they recombined we saw some of those products become available on the arduino.cc store and in fact you can currently buy the Due from the Arduino store if you're in America, Asia, or Oceania (not if you're in Europe or Africa). I never saw an official announcement about the Due being put back into production so it's uncertain whether there is only a limited quantity available from the .org production run or if they are going to be constantly available into the future.


I read it whole !! They aren't telling that they have stopped Arduino DUE !!Due has lack of support in software department so this is current senario!!! FINALLY they are saying that they are thinking of making DUE 2.0 if possible under current market scenarios  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)


OR make a better product with 74 io pins and 5 v and DIP support !! 


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All new products are only available in SMD (ie Atmega328pB).
DIP is finish, industry does not want more.

Better board yes but with STM32 micro which have 50% I/O 5V tolerant, including one Serial, one I2C and one SPI.
Today it is not Atmel that makes the best micro.


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