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I bought a T68 SE and it works great with arduino. For serial communication I am using NewSoftSerial because the standard Serial (pins 1 and 2) is used for debugging, connected to my pc. The hard part now is to convert an SMS into PDU ...


Hi all! I'd like to know is it possible to send and recive data over gprs with this "mobile gsm shield" solution, I mean TCP/IP functionalities. Or just compact packets (like sms) Thank you!


sms and PDU

I've been doing sms PDU with an old Siemens A60 and a terminal emulator. I found this tool useful converting between text and PDU:


But maybe I can use the PDU library  - thanks moustic

Craig Turner, blog: http://gampageek.blogspot.co.uk/ It helps with my learning if I write things down, esp. for others to follow (constructive comments welcomed to improve)


2. method - use AT+CMSS command (send message form memory) like implemented here: http://www.riccibitti.com/tinyplanet/tiny_article.htm - very easy and simple way to send predetermined message, can take one line of code in Arduino like: Serial.println("AT+CMSS=1"); // send message which is stored in memory under number 1. It doesn't take any resources or specialized programming skills to send message this way.


I've tried using this method of sending an sms with my T20e, but had no luck.

I've successfully connected with hyperterminal via arduino to my phone. "AT" test command works (response OK), I can read and delete sms via "AT+CMGR" and "AT+CMGD" commands and I've also setup "AT+CPMS="ME","ME"" successfully.

I can even make phone calls via "ATD" command, but I simply can't get "AT+CMSS" command to work. Everytime I get the same response "ERROR".

Any ideas?


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