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I've got an ATmega328P on an UNO and I'm trying to burn the lilypad bootloader onto it, to use on a breadboard. So I select "Lilypad Arduino w/ ATmega328" and try burning it with any program and I get an error. "Content mismatch" or "protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51". Errors with any program. So then I try "ATmega328 on a breadboard (8 MHz internal clock)" from http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/ArduinoToBreadboard and I get the exact same errors. Is this a 328/328P thing? I'm having trouble finding anything that make sense on google. I would appreciate any help.


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After uploading the Arduino ISP Sketch, do you disable reset?


No, it that something I need to do first? I don't really know much about that.

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The addendum to that web page...

To burn the bootloader, follow these steps:

   1. Upload the ArduinoISP sketch onto your Arduino board. (You'll need to select the board and serial port from the Tools menu that correspond to your board.)

>>> 1.5 Disable reset on your Arduino board.  Instructions are here...

   2. Wire up the Arduino board and microcontroller as shown in the diagram to the right.


Aha. I should've known my problem was caused by not following directions. I'll give that a try later on and report back


I have tried the same many times. i own a UNO and 2009 but UNO is something different with the Bootloading thing because of the Optiboot Bootloader(to the minor extent), Initially the FTDi chip used to act as a mere SERIAL PORT but with this UNO ATmega8u2 act's a lot differently which provides you with other abilities, so it's not done with me regarding the Bootloading using UNO for such reason's
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